CO2 & GHG Reduction

Our Clean Energy System has been uniquely developed to provide not only energy outputs but also as a solution for long standing concerns over emissions from conventional CHP systems.  Our systems not only have the capability to produce diminished quantities of emissions and ash from its advanced and proprietary gasification process, but also possess the ability to capture and reintroduce any emissions that are produced back into the gasification process to ensure near-complete thermochemical decomposition.  In addition, the system has the ability to capture and remove the CO2 from the generating engine’s exhaust and transition it into a greenhouse to be used as a growth enhancer by the crops.   This technological advancement is significant in that it neutralizes GHG emission concerns while possessing ability to reduce CO2 impacts.

Our Clean Energy Systems are Negative Positive by up to 4X!

3i Clean Energy System includes a multi-layered approach to reduction of overall CO2 within its source material input and energy generation cycle.  The system has the ability to remove up to 4X the amount of CO2 represented in the original source input material.  The following example scenario explains how 1 tonne of CO2 present in CHP input fuel material can be reduced by up to 4X in the CHP energy production process:

  1. CO2 is sequestered through diversion of CHP fuel input material from landfills.
    • This takes 1 tonne of CO2 and reduces it to 0 tonne of CO2
  1. Conversion of diverted materials into renewable energy, we’ve now eliminated carbon typically produced by generating energy through traditional means such as fossil fuels.
    • This takes the 0 tonne of CO2 and creates -1 tonne of CO2
  1. Through production of renewable energy within our CHP system, CO2 is eliminated
    • This takes the -1 tonne of CO2 and increases it to -2 tonnes of CO2
  1. Via heat and emissions recapture, CO2 from the process is not only eliminated, but reintroduced into the cycle
    • This takes the -2 tonnes of CO2and increases it to -4 tonnes of CO2