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The 3i Energy System Difference: A Fact Sheet
The 3i Energy System, a uniquely designed biomass conversion system power plant, is a product of forty years of commercial gasification experience.  The facts presented here are more than mere claims, some describe the 3i Energy System, and others are excerpted from operators’ logs and independent test reports.
Fact 1 The 3i Energy System is a precision designed and built biomass conversion system that has, through its versatility, unmatched efficiency and environmental friendliness, helped revitalize a two hundred year old technology to a point where it is the preferred method to convert wood waste, chips, CCA, green matter, MSW, sewage sludge and most organic based feedstocks to electricity and heat, worldwide.   
Fact 2 The 3i Energy System is a fixed bed, linear hearth, downdraft gasifier. This fact, alone, ensures a high quality gas suitable for any application, including fuel for internal combustion engines, turbines and heat applications.

Fact 3 The 3i Energy System has no moving parts. It is fabricated to rigid specifications and from the highest quality stainless steel by skilled craftsman. Because of its exceptional precision, quality materials and craftsmanship, each 3i Energy System has an expected lifetime of thirty to forty years, operating at 100%, twenty four hours a day, every day of the year.   

Fact 4 The 3i Energy System reaches optimum temperatures minutes after startup, producing a high octane tar free gas. The high (1200 to 1300 C) temperature ensures cracking of, otherwise undesirable compounds including primary, secondary and tertiary tars thus ensuring an environmentally friendly producer gas.

Fact 5 The 3i Energy System is the only biomass conversion system in the world that is protected by, both, a “no risk” one year performance guarantee and a fully supported 20 year warranty. Support is provided locally, from the factory and through the twenty four hour monitoring system made possible by the 3i Energy System Manager. The monitoring system also provides twenty four hour support for the operator from anywhere in the world through a cellular or internet connection.

Fact 6 The 3i Energy System employs a multi-stage “dry” gas cleaning system that enables the gas to be cleaned and polished of all particulate material.

Gasification Process Illustration

Fact 7 The 3i Energy System has its own two-stage “dry” gas cooling system, employed when the producer gas is designated as a fuel for an engine alternator.  The cooling system ensures the highest quality fuel at the optimum temperature for each engine specification.  

Fact 8 The 3i Energy System is capable of receiving a fuel feedstock of any moisture content.

Fact 9 The 3i Energy System converts its feedstock at the rate of less than 1.25 kg per kilowatt of electricity in the “gas only mode” and 0.8 kg per kilowatt of electricity in the “dual fuel” mode. The rate of fuel feedstock consumption savings, when compared to other commercial gasifiers of a 1 MWe size, can result in more than 1,295 tonnes per year.

The higher rate of efficiency is due to innovations found only with the 3i Energy System, the result of years of dedicated research and development with the architecture of the system and the science of the thermochemical process.

Fact 10 The 3i Energy System is fully automated and may be monitored, accessed and controlled remotely from the control panel, cellular telephone or internet connection. Although fully automated any and or all phases of the operation of the 3i Energy System may be easily controlled manually as well.

Fact 11 It is not necessary to shut down the 3i Energy System during ash removal. The ash removal process is automatic and continuous.

Fact 12 The 3i Energy System produces between one quarter and one half of one percent ash. This compares favorably to the industry standard of between one and two percent.

Fact 13 Each 3i Energy System undergoes rigorous testing prior to certification for shipment and at the project site. At our factory, each unit undergoes two 24 hour nonstop tests and a 100 hour nonstop “certification” test. On site in the final testing each unit is subjected to another 24 hour nonstop test and a final 100 hour nonstop “system integration” test before being turned over as fully commissioned.

Fact 14 The versatility of the 3i Energy System may be found in its ability to gasify many types of natural biomass or densified materials and in various forms without system modifications or alterations. Example: chunks, chips, briquettes and cubes.

Fact 15 The 3i Energy System is able to “fit” into any mechanical room, even in a corner. Its analogous design and rectilinear footprint allows for a variation of length width configurations. 

Fact 16 The producer gas is clean and free of tar. The high octane gas is suitable to use as fuel for engines, turbines, boilers, kilns, driers or any one of many other applications. Our burners, nozzles and valves are specifically engineered and constructed for any application employing a 3i Energy System. 

Fact 17 The 3i power plants are capable of operating, at 100%, twenty four hours a day, year round. This feature and all of the above are underwritten by our “No Risk” Performance Guarantee and the many years of successful operation protected by a Fully Supported 20 year warranty. 

Fact 18 Each 3i power plant is a “turnkey” project, fully commissioned, anywhere in the world. Each operator is thoroughly trained and fully supported through the monitoring capabilities of the 3i Energy System Manager. In other words, when our technicians complete commissioning, one push of a button and your 3i Energy System is operating at 100%!