About 3i

Information about the 3i Team
International Innovations Incorporated (3i) is a closely held private company. They maintain their international headquarters in Barre, Vermont and are open to the public by appointment.  

They have been in the business of designing, fabricating and installing commercial biomass conversion systems for many years and have placed power plants worldwide as a result of private sales and through A.I.D. programs sponsored by various countries.  

3i is a well established and fast growing international company of technical and business professionals, merging their knowledge and practical skills gained in long and diverse careers.

Within their organization they access and manage highly motivated, innovative and skilled teams of craftsmen; world class prototype and testing facilities; versatile fabricators and manufacturers employing “state of the art” technology.

The staff of 3i works closely with their industry colleagues to help them gain commercial advantages, as problem solvers, through advanced alternative power technology, a key factor for success in the highly competitive global marketplace, worldwide.

Their technologies are focused on the development and manufacture of leading edge, technologically advanced, sustainable and distributed energy systems, including biomass conversion systems, co generation systems, current capture hydro electric systems and environmentally friendly micro hydro electric systems.

The worldwide environmental concerns, such as the desire to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, are creating an acute interest in new sustainable energy sources and technologies. As a result 3i has accelerated their development of efficient, small scale  distributed energy generation systems as an alternative to large new centralized power plants.

The strength of their commitment and dedication is reflected in their systems’ design and engineering excellence. Further, the quality of each 3i Energy System is underscored by a “risk free” Performance Guarantee and a fully supported 20 year warranty.

After over forty years of commercial gasification experience and twenty eight years of experience building engines to operate, exclusively, on the 3i Energy System gas, they are eminently qualified to help you realize the power of energy independence!