3i Gasification Hearth – Sub-System Warranty

The 3i Gasification Hearth Warranty Overview

The 3i Gasification Hearth is a biomass gasification system designed to convert a biomass fuel into producer gas. The gas may be used for numerous applications including fuel for engines boilers and turbines, while providing recoverable heat in support of the selected applications in which the 3i Gasification Hearth may be employed.

The 3i Gasification Hearth is the product of nearly forty years of commercial gasifier design, engineering and fabrication experience, a modern, high tech descendent of a 19th century technology. It has been fabricated by skilled craftsman, using the highest quality materials available, meeting or exceeding national and international standards for similar applications.

The 3i Gasification Hearth may be a fully automated system or it may be designed for manual operation. When automated, the 3i Gasification Hearth and each of its ancillary components may be monitored and or controlled manually or remotely by the 3i Gasification Hearth Manager.

The 3i Gasification Hearth, fueled at the correct rate of consumption and operated as per the Operator’s Manual, will produce a quantity of gas sufficient to generate the model specific electrical and/or thermal requirements.

The 3i Gasification Hearth and its ancillary components are warranted to be free of defects and fully operable upon completion of system commissioning, capable of operation as per the system design specifications and the Operator’s Manual.

Terms of the 3i Gasification Hearth Warranty

  • This warranty concerns the 3i Gasification Hearth. The system is defined as the gasifier and ancillary components manufactured by 3i Alternative Power.
The warrantor
  • The warrantor is International Innovations Incorporated (hereinafter 3i Alternative Power), whose main office is located in Plainfield, Vermont, U.S.A.
  • 3i Alternative Power warrants the 3i Gasification Hearth against defects in materials or workmanship.
  • The term of this warranty is twenty years from date of commissioning or 160,000 hours of normal usage, whichever occurs first.
  • This warranty only applies to a new 3i Gasification Hearth and the original owner. This warranty does not apply to used equipment. This warranty is not transferable.
  • This warranty covers parts and labor as required.
Asserting a Claim

To assert a warranty claim, the owner should immediately contact 3i Alternative Power by email or telephone. In most cases, local tradesmen have been retained to assist you immediately upon receipt of our call to them. 3i Alternative Power contact information may be found above.

If after a proper diagnosis, consultation and examination of stored data, 3i Alternative Power accepts the warranty claim, 3i Alternative Power shall repair or replace the defective part, as 3i Alternative Power shall determine in its sole and absolute discretion.

3i Alternative Power shall bear the cost to repair or replace the defective part.

All applicable freight and insurance costs will be borne by 3i Alternative Power.

3i Alternative Power shall bear all labor costs to dismantle, remove, pack, transport, reinstall or reconnect the 3i Gasification Hearth.


This warranty is void in any of the following circumstances:

  • The 3i Gasification Hearth has been damaged due to misuse, abuse, neglect, unauthorized dismantling or disassembly of components, mishandling, flood, fire, Acts of God or other causes.
  • The 3i Gasification Hearth has been adjusted, modified, altered or adapted except as authorized by 3i Alternative Power in writing or as directed by 3i Alternative Power in relevant documentation and manuals accompanying the 3i Gasification Hearth and then strictly in accordance with such directions.
  • The 3i Gasification Hearth has been installed, commissioned or serviced by a person who does not possess the appropriate qualifications to perform these tasks.
  • The 3i Gasification Hearth has been improperly installed, operated, repaired or maintained.
  • The 3i Gasification Hearth has been connected to other equipment with which it is not compatible.
  • The 3i Gasification Hearth has been assembled or used with parts not approved by 3i Alternative Power.
  • The 3i Gasification Hearth has been used for purposes other than for which it was designed.
  • The 3i Gasification Hearth has been used outside its stated specifications, capacity and operating parameters.
  • The 3i Gasification Hearth has been damaged during shipment. The 3i Gasification Hearth has been damaged by electrical interference signals, surges, spikes, brown-outs, noise spikes and other voltage variations due to lightning or man-made causes.
  • The 3i Gasification Hearth has been damaged by water or other elements.
  • The 3i Gasification Hearth has been damaged by the use of the wrong fuel or contaminated fuel. The owner should refer to the User’s Manual accompanying the 3i Gasification Hearth for the fuel specifications.
  • The 3i Gasification Hearth should only be installed, commissioned and serviced by qualified technicians. 3i Alternative Power shall not be liable if the 3i Gasification Hearth has been altered, damaged or rendered nonfunctional through incorrect installation, commissioning or servicing.
  • This warranty does not cover normal maintenance including, without limitation, the repair and replacement of hoses, pipes, seals, fittings and other worn parts on a periodic basis, the tightening of fittings and other routine adjustments.
  • This warranty applies to the 3i Gasification Hearth including ancillary equipment manufactured by 3i Alternative Power. Such ancillary equipment includes, without limitation, gas cleaning and cooling modules, certain access doors, feedstock metering bins and the ash removal system.
  • 3i Alternative Power does not warrant any modules or components manufactured by third parties. However, 3i Alternative Power shall extend to the owner, insofar as practicable, the benefit of any warranties that such third party manufacturers may have given to 3i Alternative Power concerning such modules and components.
  • It shall be a condition of this warranty that the 3i Gasification Hearth is checked periodically for obvious problems or malfunctions. The inspector should check for loose fittings and leaking hoses or pipes. He should check each gasket for leakage and overall system integrity. He should, as a matter of course, make a visual check of conditions in the general area of the 3i Gasification Hearth. Though not required, a report may also be sent to 3i Alternative Power by email. Send to warranty@3iAlternativePower.com.
  • The owner’s actual operating conditions, over which 3i Alternative Power has no control, may affect the performance and suitability of the 3i Gasification Hearth. Additionally, such factors as fuel quality, climate, environment, care in fitting, maintenance and other factors will all have a critical effect upon the performance and suitability of the 3i Gasification Hearth. It is, therefore, strongly recommended the owner contact the local agent or 3i Alternative Power immediately if a noticeable change in operation or performance of the 3i Gasification Hearth is noted.
  • 3i Alternative Power has a policy of continual product improvement. Specifications are subject to change without notice. 3i Alternative Power shall be under no obligation to implement an improvement to equipment already in the field, but will offer such improvements to its customers at a reasonable cost.

Exclusive Remedy

  • The remedies in this warranty are the sole and exclusive remedies and no other remedies whatsoever shall be available to the owner.
  • This warranty covers the cost of field labor for dismantling and reinstallation.
  • This is an express warranty. 3i Alternative Power disclaims any other express or implied warranties, including warranties of merchantability or fitness for purpose, to the maximum extent permitted by law.
  • Statements, representations and specifications in any brochures, sales literature, electronic media (i.e. 3i Alternative Power’s website), installation and user manuals and other documentation concerning the 3i Gasification Hearth shall not be deemed warranties, nor shall they extend or expand 3i Alternative Power obligations under this warranty.
  • No employee, representative, dealer, agent, distributor or service company acting for or on behalf of 3i Alternative Power has the authority to extend or modify the terms of this express warranty unless 3i Alternative Power expressly agrees, in writing, to such extension or modification.


  • The owner shall strictly comply with the operating, care and maintenance, trouble shooting, warnings and safety procedures in the User’s Manual in respect to the 3i Gasification Hearth. The owner shall also strictly comply with such other documentation in respect to the 3i Gasification Hearth as 3i Alternative Power may furnish to the owner, from time to time. 3i Alternative Power shall not be liable for any costs or damages incurred by the owner as a consequence of the owner’s failure to so comply with the User’s Manual and other documentation.
  • To the maximum extent allowed by law, 3i Alternative Power disclaims liability for direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential costs or damages of any kind. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, 3i Alternative Power disclaims liability for:
  • Damages to person or property caused by the 3I Engineering Gasification Hearth; or
  • Damages resulting from the inability to use the 3i Gasification Hearth, including loss of profits, loss of products, loss of power supply, the cost of arranging an alternative power supply and loss of time, whether incurred by the owner, its employees or a third party unless as a direct result of an unanswered 3i Gasification Hearth failure.
Local Law
  • Some jurisdictions do not allow limitations or disclaimers of implied or statutory warranties. Some jurisdictions do not allow disclaimers or exclusions of consequential or incidental damages. Therefore, the above disclaimers, limitations and exclusions may not apply in certain jurisdictions in which 3i Alternative Power sells the 3i Gasification Hearth. As to such jurisdictions, this warranty shall be deemed modified, and the offending clauses amended or removed, but only to the extent necessary to bring them into conformity with the laws therein.
  • The invalidity of any clause shall not affect the validity of any other clause.
  • This warranty gives the owner specific legal rights. The owner may have other rights or remedies pursuant to the laws in its jurisdictional territory.
  • Nothing in this warranty should be construed as limiting or restricting any other statutory right or remedy of the owner, except for such limitations or restrictions herein as may be allowed by the law of the jurisdictional territory.

Thank you. We care for our customers and appreciate their repeat business. The terms expressed herein are intended to underscore our confidence in the 3i Gasification Hearth while allowing you, our customer, to experience worry free energy independence with an advanced, mature, technology: The 3i Gasification Hearth.

The 3i Alternative Power Team