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The World’s Premier Biomass Gasification Systems
• Efficient
• Environmentally Friendly
• Economically Feasible
• Fully Automated
• Technologically Advanced
Biomass gasification. A two hundred year old technology, older than the light bulb.

The 3i Energy System: ahead of the technological curve, where engineering excellence and science meet!

The 3i Energy System: Carefully designed and engineered, the product of nearly seventy years of study and over forty years of commercial gasification experience.

The 3i Energy System, a fully automated biomass gasification system, also known as a “true gasifier”, stands ready to deliver a clean, high octane gas from wood chips, green waste, sawdust and shavings, MSW, sludge, coal, rubber, plastics, EFB, CCA, C&D, livestock waste, food and seed processing waste, agricultural waste, poultry litter and many other prepared feed stocks. The clean, high octane gas is suitable as a fuel in engines, turbines, boilers, driers, kilns and many other applications in hospitals, factories, wood processing facilities, residences and businesses around the world!

When the waste heat is recovered for additional applications, the overall efficiency is optimized as well as the economics of the power plant. Use waste heat for district heating, air conditioning, coolers, steam generation, refrigeration or additional electricity. Waste heat recovery has almost limitless applications! Convert waste to energy sustainably!

5 KWe to multi megawatt – portable or stationary.
Designed and engineered to provide true energy independence.